Text Messages Between Dizak and PO Contraras


D: Interesting to note that Nanni makes the same claim again this September 17th that she did last year, on September 17th, my birthday, that I allegedly sent her a Facebook friend request. Facebook has no record of either.  If I had any knowledge of the Friend request process last year, your office would never have been unable to sustain the charges against me.

C: Deactivate Facebook


D: Please read both of my websites, but particularly under nycorruptparole.com, the original charging instrument, the 5 repeat Facebook searches for Nanni on 9/19/20. Your predecessor, PO ROLL, stated that there was also a friend request, which was the basis of the numerous charges, she admitted at the 10/13/2020 hearing that accusation was untrue. Then instead of withdrawing the charges, she replaces them with a new charge, that on the evening of 9/19/2020, Ms Nanni notified both the police and Parole that she had received an 8 ½ x11 email from Facebook (not me) that Stuart Dizak wants to be your friend.  The problem being even if was legitimate it was not dated until the following day, 9/20/21.  How could Nanni have reported an incident on 9/19/2020 that she was unaware of until the following day.  Then after forwarding the alleged message to Parole, she deletes it!  Moreover, Facebook has no record of any Dizak/Nanni communications. 

D: I neglected to tell you that according to Facebook, in addition to there being no friend request on the 9/19/2020 screenshot, the five repeat Nanni searches were also nonexistent. They were overlayed on top of my two legitimate  9/17/20 searches.

C: Please stop bringing up the past and move on.

October 5, 2021

D: I have now been made aware of who in Albany everything that happened to me from day 1. After I was granted parole in February of 2017, there was no legitimate reason for Parole to be involved again until after I returned home. As a result of three successive denials in 26 months I spent another three years in prison.  You are the only staff member that has been honest with me.  There was only one victim in this matter. It was me.

C: I’m sorry you feel that way, but according to our documents you are NOT the victim. Please stop talking about it and stop with the letters.

D: The company line does not hold water. Even when I was granted parole in 2017, and with far less evidence of my innocence than available now. I was the first one called in and instead of the usual two/three-day notice, after five minutes, with only one question I was granted parole.  Afterwards, the Lt approached me,  “Dizak, I feel sorry for you.  If it was up to me, I would leave you out of here tonight.”

Note: the above has grammar corrections and some editing for clarity.