Arguably The Most Corrupt Parole Proceedings in New York History

Updated 2/19/23. This report is an extension of my website:

First Fabricated Parole Violation, September 13, 2020

 On Friday 13th March 2020, less than two months, after finally being released from prison on my required CR date, I received a call from my first parole officer, Doris Hernandez, instructing me to stop by her office to sign some papers.  Instead, when I arrived, I was put up against a wall, handcuffed and informed, without specifying the charge, that I had violated my terms of parole.  Without any further explanation, I was immediately taken to Monroe County Jail.

It took 3 days before I was informed what I was being charged for.  P.O. Hernandez stated that a new resident at EagleStar Veteran’s Housing where I had been living while waiting to move into my own residence.  According to her, a new resident, Robert Murphy, claimed that I had sexually harassed him.  I had no idea who he was.

At a prehearing held a month later, Mr. Murphy claimed that I had actually harassed him multiple times and reported said instances to management and that he confronted me in front of several other residents.  Yet he was unable to provide a single witness or affidavit from anyone to confirm his accusations.  My attorney was so suspicious as to his motivation that one of his first questions to Mr. Murphy was, have you ever made similar accusations against anyone else in the past?  Murphy refused to answer until directed to do so by the hearing officer.  After hesitating and bowing his head down, he responded, yes.

My attorney’s next question was, Mr. Murphy, do you use drugs?  Once again, after first hesitating, not while at EagleStar.  Let me rephrase,  what were you in prison for?  Response, drug possession and sales.

At that point, the hearing ended without the presentation of any evidence whatsoever.  As such my attorney informed me that there was absolutely no basis for the charges against me and he was going to contact the head of Parole and request the charges be dismissedInstead, 3 days later I was ordered released by order of Governor Cuomo.

I then had to return to EagleStar to pick up my property.  Neither the manager nor any of the residents were aware of any accusations by Mr. Murphy against me.  In fact, he had only arrived there a few days before he made his charges against me…. And then, only a few hours after he returned from testifying against me, he was released from Parole and allowed to return home to Watertown.  WHAT IS THE ONLY LOGICAL CONCLUSION ANY REASONABLE PERSON COULD CONCLUDE?  Oh, by “coincidence “Doris Martinez” was also his parole officer!

By coincidence, on the very same day I was released from parole the 2nd time, January 25, 2023, several news articles appeared in various media, stating that P.O. Hernandez had been suspended for being caught on video, allegedly stealing $6000 from a parolee’s residence. Especially in my favor was, above those articles, an introduction to this website, resulting in 332 visits over the next 30 days.

Yet less than six  months later, Parole would once again fabricate a violation against me, this time around, I was accused of sending my ex-wife, a Facebook friend request.  That is the basis of the enclosed.